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05/31/02: Post by Kubla

Posted by: BLOWBACK
I agree SUVs suck and represent a nice example how seemingly good intentions in DC are explited by corporations.
Posted by: BLOWBACK
Can I just say I hate SUVs....?

05/10/02: Post by Blowback

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Hey, check it out, here's a review from the new issue of Skratch Mag:BLOWBACKTRACK IIISTRING BREAK RECORDSPolitically fueled hardcore that actually delivers more bite than bark. Extreme social commentary on government policy, human rights (or lack of) and class struggle. Singer Carlos has actual real world political ties, as he is a Capitol Hill Lobbyist. So it becomes quite apparent that these guys have perspectives that are squarely rooted in reality rather than conceptual gimmickry. Music wise, they are reminiscent to the old school hardcore noise of heavy hitters like MDC and early AGNOSTIC FRONT combined with the brutal assault of current bands like SHUTDOWN and DEATH THREAT. Yeah these guys sound pretty angry and it is evident in their songs. Fast, hard, loud and socially conscience. Everything a good hardcore band should be! -Lugz

05/07/02: Post by Machmood

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Why do you bomb my country?

05/07/02: Post by Blowback

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Thanks to everyone who came to see us on the Spring Tour. We'll be working on some material in the coming weeks, and may play a couple of shows on the west coast. More to come.
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