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06/21/02: Post by Carlos

Posted by: BLOWBACK
When did they hatch the suicide crimes?Administration officials are now saying that the World Trade Center/Pentagon attacks were hatched shortly after the U.S. African embassies bombing in 1998. Are they forgetting that shortly after the bombing of the U.S. Embassies, the U.S. fired cruise missiles at a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan and at alleged training camps in Afghanistan – all in retaliation for the embassy bombings?Could it be that the WTC/Pentagon attacks were hatched shortly after the 1998 U.S. retaliatory strikes in Sudan and Afghanistan? Were the WTC/Pentagon suicide crimes a response to the U.S. retaliation?What will the retaliation for the U.S. retaliation for the WTC/Pentagon attacks be?The fact is: when you do more of the same, you get more of the same back.They bomb us, we bomb them, they bomb us in retaliation, and we bomb them again…Increasing attacks abroad (e.g. Afghanistan, “training exercises” in the Philippines) and bolstering anti-democratic regimes with military and intelligence aid (e.g. Uzbekistan, Pakistan) only fuel resentment, is more of the same foreign policy, and will only bring more terror.In the meantime, Administration officials say further terror attacks are inevitable. For once, they are right.

06/18/02: Post by Senor

Posted by: BLOWBACK
A quick note to give some props to The Profits and Redencion 911, both great bands that are carrying the flag for what punk and protest can do. If you're on the west coast, catch The Profits this week or next week as they are out here!!!! Everyone else, who are you listening to, who else is doing good things -- definitely Resist and Exist. Others?

06/18/02: Post by Blowback

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Deleted by author 06-18-2002 04:49 AM

06/16/02: Post by aaron

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06/11/02: Post by Wilbur

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Hey Machmood. I thought we bombed your country. Maybe you should write a nice little ditty about it. Oh, I forgot. You did. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't.

06/01/02: Post by rossstar

Posted by: BLOWBACK
hey - make the evilerdoers go away.i'll get you a costume if need be.