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08/30/02: Post by Matthew

Posted by: BLOWBACK
If you're into catchy as heck, sing-a-long, anthemic and authenticstreetpunk, be sure to check out the debut CD from Toronto's The ClassAssassins. Comprised of former members of such bands as ProblemChildren, Direct Action, Bitter Grin, HockeyTeeth, Vacant Lot andmore...CD is out now on TKO in the U.S. and Insurgence Records inCanada and Europe.Here's a recent review from the Punk And Oi In The U.K. website:"When I reviewed their single "No Justice No Peace" I said I'd like tohear more from this band and I've not been disappointed. Imagine earlyDropKick Murpheys or Stiff Little Fingers without the Irish influenceand that's what you get from these Canadian lads. Well played, wellput together, passionate vocals, sing-a-long choruses, should appealto punx and skins, old and young. Best tracks: "For the Kids," "Behindyour Screen," and "All the Way." I don't think there's a bad song onit. Now I'd like to see them live. Fucking excellent"And here's a review from the latest Maximum Rocknroll:"Solid, mid-tempo melodic singalong punk rock from these Canadiangeezers. Reminiscent of The GC5, Vigilantes, The Reducers SF, etc. andto some degree The Explosion. Lots of group backing chants, harmonies,and tough riffs, this is well above the average for this crowdedgenre. Lyrics are socially aware and political without sloganeering,this is great catchy punk. TKO Records is looking after the US side ofthe release, so you're assured quality and perhaps a tour in theworks."To hear a cut from their latest single head on over to the downloadssection at Check out their website, and slide on over to Insurgence Records check out my new Yahoo group 'Urban Rebel,' focusing on NorthAmerican lefty Oi, Punk and Streetpunk. It's in the 'Oi' musiccategory...Cheers!

08/20/02: Post by Senor

Posted by: BLOWBACK
The priorities, in case you missed it, are golf. GW sez: "Now watch this drive!"

08/20/02: Post by BIII

Posted by: BLOWBACK
The build-up to the bombing in Iraq is under way.Billions of dollars spent on preparations for killing.There's no money for increases in teacher pay or adequate health care for U.S. citzens.What are the priorities of OUR Government?