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10/26/03: Post by Craig

Posted by: BLOWBACK
I wish folks would learn the difference between liberals and socialists.Also, if you go back, you'll see that it took a number of years to get Packwood out of the Senate. Worth noting as well that the "liberal" Washington Post withheld the original story until after Packwod was reelected.

10/25/03: Post by Pepe

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Dear Socialist friends,Last week on Fox News I was treated to an interview with the head of that austere organization The guys name is Zack Exley, but after I heard him speak I decided it should be Zack Dislexley. Before I go into his current war views on Iraq I would like to mention what the group originally got together for. It was the front organization for the devil in the blue dress, et al., damage control. It was the ‘whatever the Democrats did was okay’ organization but if a Republican did it, ‘Off with the gloves’. That was pretty much the ground zero point for the ‘it’s personal business’ if you have a pattern of sex with your underlings, but public if you’re a "" as their followers liked to call us. When the Democrats had Packwood on the ropes for similar charges the Republicans got rid of him because you just can’t have that kind of a person in your ranks unless you’re a Democrat. After Packwood was removed from office, Clinton and ‘Team Integrity’ got together to create a nice little law that allows civil court testimony to be used in Federal sexual harassment cases. The purpose of that law was political and turned out to be quite useful, but much to my delight not for the Democrats who created it. The next time they saw that law they were looking at it like a deer in the headlights of an eighteen wheeler. The liberal view was that it was ’s personal business never mind the fact that lied in a civil court case in order to deny Paula Jones her justice. The charges were perjury and obstruction of justice in the Paula Jones case, not sex in the office. But helped to feed the view that it was actually just sex. They repeated the lie often enough that it became the truth to many very slooooooow people. was strangely silent when their hero attacked Yugoslavia. They never uttered a word about the loony launches of cruise missiles at nothing in the Mid-East. But now that we are in the middle of the war that should have fought they are quite vociferous. What a surprise. They think they smell blood in the water and they are correct. They just aren’t sharp enough to realize they are hemorrhaging and the blood they smell is their own. Those who have been treated as plebeians have awakened to their foolishness and they want this country to actually be defended. People realize we don’t have the military we used to have because it was gutted for the sake of social engineering projects. Now in the middle of all of this we have Zack dislExley saying we need to fire the team that "misunderestimated" the war in Iraq. First off misunderestimated isn’t even a real word. He doesn’t even realize that either. He reminds me of the old hippies in the sixties. He offers criticism but no solutions. Alan Colmes on ‘Hannity and Colmes’ was asking him what he had to bring to the table as solutions, and what he would do differently. DislExley only said the eighty seven billion should be going to the troops. To me that was a classic feel good redirect. It is a blatantly fraudulent support the troops catch all answer we will be hearing a lot from the Democrats in the near future. If we were to go with his concept, when the troops leave Iraq it would be worse than right after the war. If we don’t rebuild the place it will be even more of a breeding ground for terrorists. The advertisement has created against the war is the same ole same ole. They are showing kids with no desks or schools and no teachers as they turn the phrase everyone left behind through imagery. I did notice they didn’t show a picture of the WTC rubble as an example of what happens when you don’t have a fully functioning intelligence agency. Even our intelligence services were PC’d to death. The Democrats were the noisiest about "what did they know and when did they know it". The 9/11 intelligence failure was their fault! The entire message of organizations such as, A.N.S.W.E.R., etc is a socialist message that feeds on greed, jealousy and cowardice. Their hope is that the people here will begin to think about what they could have had with that money so they can later on point to an incomplete Iraq and say "See nothing was accomplished there. It was a waste of lives and money." It is yet another lie and redirect. Zack dislExley is a fine example of the radical left. They are long on complaints and short on real solutions. As far as learning curves go……..these guys are all flat-liners!I know you guys proudly march in lock-step with these kind of groups. I hope some day you will realize the path they are leading you down is a path to nowhere.

10/20/03: Post by Franklin

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Oh Pepe Oh Pepe,So hard to live in a world without labels! Try it; I know it's hard, but try it. And no, France got it wrong when they bombed Greenpeace. That was terrorism. Surely you agree that terrorism is wrong no matter who does it for no matter the reason? Or do you believe that terrorism is ok as long as the "good guys" are practicing it? If so, we part company. I am against terrorism. You?I don't think the French hate America.The IRAQ decision is like this: there's a hornet's nest in the woods and your friend says,"let's go whack it with a big stick and the hornets will go away!" No thanks.

10/19/03: Post by Pepe

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Dear Socialist Franklin,(May I call you a Socialist?)Blowing up Greenpeace ships is the ONLY thing france has gotten right in the last hundred plus years. And yes. They just want to stick a finger in America's eye. It's just another excuse to do so for our "friends". Any old excuse will do, as you well know. It really is just that simple. Long Live America! Long Live Capitalism!Edit: What should we do? Try to "understand" why they hate us? Why we are Americans so we must have done something wrong. Right? It couldn't be that it is because they are french now could it... It has to be us. What do you suggest here? You lib's are so motivated by feelings...Please advise, my Socialist friend

10/17/03: Post by Franklin

Posted by: BLOWBACK
That's the problem with some - any disagreement is interpreted as a personal attack. So the French didn't want to get stuck with the catastrophe that the Bushies have created in Iraq - oh but no, it's not that, they're just trying to poke a finger in America's eye.So the French think that the death penalty is wrong and they happen to know that one person convicted, Mumia, was done so in a unfair trial, but no, it's not that they disagree with the wanton bloodlust that seems to drive so many of our policies, they just want to stick a finger in America's eye.I suppose those who think that are still eating "freedom fries." Funny though, the Congress already changed the name to the rightful "french fries."VIVE LA FRANCE!!(that is when they're not doing nuclear tests out in the Pacific, blowing up Greenpeace ships, and making a mess out of Africa)

10/12/03: Post by Pepe

Posted by: BLOWBACK
The whole point of the post was Mumia was tried and convicted of murder and the idiot french want to make him an honorary parisian! The reason they want to make him an honorary Parisian is to poke their cheesy finger into the eye of America (again…) for our support of the death penalty. Long live socialism and all of the sickos who bow to it. God Bless America

10/10/03: Post by BobIII

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Dear Pepe,Murder is murder no matter who does the killing and for what reason. Murder is ugly and wrong whether it be by a bullet, a 1,000lb laser guided missle or a lethel injection into the arm. Murderers should be punished when they kill the innocent they should not be killed for it though. I don't think the Mumia Abu-Jamal case is as simple as you stated, even if it were does another murder help solve the problem of gun violence in any way? Espescially for someone who is potentially innocent.For those of you who want a more detailded report about the case than Pepe's summary, please read this article by Terry Bisson from New York Newsday: are some facts Pepe "forgot" to mention:"Mumia was driving a cab that night. It is undisputed that he intervened. It is undisputed that both he and officer Daniel Faulkner were shot, and that Faulkner died. What is in dispute is who killed Faulkner. Mumia says it was someone else, and several witnesses saw another shooter flee the scene. Mumia's legally registered .38 was never decisively linked to Faulkner's wounds. Mumia's murder trial was a policeman's dream. Denied the right to represent himself, he was defended by a reluctant incompetent who was later disbarred (and who has since filed an affadavit in Mumia's support detailing his delinquencies). Mumia was prosecuted by a DA who was later reprimanded for withholding evidence in another trial. He was allowed only $150 to interview witnesses. But best of all was the judge. A life member of the Fraternal Order of Police, branded as a "defendant's nightmare" by the Philadelphia Inquirer, Judge Albert F. Sabo has sentenced more men to die (31 to date, only two of them white) than any other sitting judge in America. A fellow judge once called his courtroom a "vacation for prosecutors" because of bias toward convictions."On the other hand there are well documented, even videotaped cases of soldiers killing innocent civilians in Iraq, some victims being unarmed children. Would you send our boys to the injection chamber for this? Or how about the "coldblooded" killing of unarmed civilian Amadou Diallo by the NYPD. The officers who shot him never even took a pay cut. What is the difference between that murder and the murder of Daniel Faulkner? They know who shot and killed Amadou Diallo.

10/10/03: Post by Pepe

Posted by: BLOWBACK
The French-fried brains of Paris have stooped to yet another low - bestowing the title of honorary citizen on notorious convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. The last time the wacky weasels handed out the title was in 1971 - to Pablo Picasso. "Mumia is a Parisian!" Socialist Mayor Bertrand Delanoe shouted as he pumped his fist to the cheers of the crowd of about 200 mostly left-wing activists in a bizarre city ceremony over the weekend. Abu-Jamal - a radical former Black Panther whose real name is Wesley Cook - was convicted in 1982 for the fatal, coldblooded shooting of Philadelphia city cop Daniel Faulkner during a routine traffic stop. His death sentence was overturned in 2001, after years of outcry from everyone from international rights groups to a slew of Hollywood stars. He remains on Pennsylvania's death row while an appeal is pending. Delanoe claimed that the move to honor the U.S. felon was done to show support for France's opposition to the death penalty. The land of the guillotine abolished capital punishment in 1981. "As long as there is a place on this planet where one can be killed in the name of the community, we haven't finished our work," Delanoe said, referring to the death penalty as "barbarity." But one U.S. political analyst called the move merely a Parisian poke at Americans. "[It's] a chance for France to tweak America's nose and try to proclaim their cultural superiority for not having capital punishment," Sterling Burnett, of the National Center for Policy Analysis, told Cybercast News Service. Angela Davis, also a former Black Panther and now a professor at the University of California in Santa Cruz, accepted an honorary medal and certificate from Parisian officials in Abu-Jamal's name. In doing so, Davis hailed the convict's "profound sense of humanity" while ripping U.S. "racist attacks against immigrants," as well as its "aggression against the Iraqi people."

10/08/03: Post by Haskell

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Hmmm. Looks like it might be time for someone to update "California Uber Alles!"On another subject, South Carolina has been getting more attention from Democratic presidential candidates than in previous years, because the primary has been moved up till just after New Hampshire. I happened to catch Howard Dean at the College of Charleston last week; I liked most of what I heard. Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. accompanied Dean on the trip; I wonder if his presence represents a proxy endorsement by his father.

10/07/03: Post by Franklin

Posted by: BLOWBACK
If you are a registered voter in California or know any registered voters in California, please urge them to vote today. A useful site for finding polling places, info, etc. (it is anti-Schwarzenegger, osrry if misspelled)is: enlightening theory Hack. DId you say it was your theory?Also thanks Zach for posting the show info. Zach, I presume this is in the LA area. Zak, don't forget to vote.Albert, I very much enjoyed your rant. What did you think of Gabriel's letter below?And Mike from Arizona, is that you below?New music coming soon!

10/02/03: Post by Haskell

Posted by: BLOWBACK
[with apologies to Monty Python]May I just say here that I have a new theory about the brontosaurus?"All brontosauruses [brontosauri] are thin at one end, much much wider in the middle, and thin again at the far end."Oh yeah, I almost forgot:"Rush Limbaugh is STILL a Big Fat Idiot."[apologies to Al Franken]As Paul Harvey would say:"Good Day!"

10/01/03: Post by Zach

Posted by: BLOWBACK
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