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04/15/05: Post by BIII

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Yes, just got a DVD copy of "Alice" compliments of John. It's also been playing pretty regularly on the Independent Film Channel (IFC), usually on around midnight due to the racy content and subversive music.Check yer local listings for more info.

04/15/05: Post by Hack

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Hey folks, me again (two emails in a week -- whoa). Did you guys know the film "What Alice Found" is now available on DVD? I happened to see it at Earshot (formerly Manifest Discs) in Greenville SC, so I bought it. Thought the film was quite good, and it was amusing to hear "Bodybags" blaring from the car radio in one of the early scenes.

04/06/05: Post by BIII

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Greetings Hack and Necktie Bob, thanks for checking in and thanks for the "LIES" review Hack.Translated lyrics for "Plegaria del Sicario" are available on the LYRICS page. Hope to have some new music by the end of the year.

04/05/05: Post by Hack

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Hey guys, funny Necktie Bob should show up just now -- but even funnier that I would. I'm sitting in a Kinko's writing this because I'm still in a Luddite phase, but just wanted to say I finally received a copy of the "Lies" cd via Ross, and it's great! I always thought "Track III" was good, but "Lies" is definitely an improvement in sound and technique. Cool to hear Franklin actually sing and use variation in the vocals; liked the nu-metalish changes in tempo -- guessing that's BIII's influence (and glad you didn't overdo it); really liked John's drumming on the Prayer of the Hitman (maybe you guys could translate the lyrics on the website?) and Senor's guitar attacks toward the end of George's Daydream and 1-2-3-4. Before listening, I wondered if there was much point in re-doing 1-2-3-4 and We Shall Not Be Moved from the earlier cd, but after hearing the new versions, must say your efforts were definitely worthwhile.I have some assorted cd's I'd like to send you guys but I lost my cell phone with everyone's phone numbers, nor do I have your addresses. If anyone wants to call me, it's 864-497-3579 (that goes for you too Necktie Bob), but if possible please call after 9pm when I have free minutes. Thanks!