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12/27/05: Post by Hack

Posted by: BLOWBACK
There's a publication out of Asheville NC called Asheville Global Report that should interest you guys. Its website is -- It's a free publication (monthly, I think) that recaps world news and activist commentary. They don't have a music section per se, but I know that in its roughly 5 year history there've been several benefit concerts for it in Asheville. I'm thinking it would be good for you to check it out, maybe establish contact. If you guys do make it down here sometime, it would be cool to do a benefit.
Posted by: BLOWBACK
sounds like a plan!thanks Hack!creepy stuff about the NSA eavesdropping on people. John (not Howard) Dean is on the record saying that Bush has admitted to impeachable offenses. Dean should know.For those of you befuddled by who he is, John Dean was General Counsel to President Richard Nixon (Al Gonzalez's job before he became Attorney General; except i don't think Dean was writing memos justifying torture or saying characterizing the Geneva Conventions as "quaint."). Dean knows a thing or two about what constitutes impeachable offenses.

12/21/05: Post by Hack

Posted by: BLOWBACK
OK, Randy said to go to the store website, -- click "Contact Us" which will take you to a page with a link to a Consignment Form. You can put it to the attention of Mikey and use Randy's name if you want. They normally require 5 cds minimum, so I'm thinking 5 of each Blowback cd? They have 2 stores, a large (probably the largest in the state) near the malls and a smaller one with a coffee/beer /wine bar downtown, so maybe they could put 3 of each in the larger store and 2 of each in the latter. Whatever. BTW, the smaller store has this "mix your own cd" feature with a connection to thousands of files by internet; they bought the equipment in NYC and Earshot's probably the only store in the Southeast with it.BIII, I'll send you & John Black lungs cds. Yeah, we're kinda friends. It would be cool to get Blowback down here sometime, maybe in the spring.

12/19/05: Post by BIII

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Thanks Hack. Also, I have a dream of doing a Blowback show in Charleston some day. It'd be great to get on a bill with the Black Lungs (Ross played me their CD, kickass). Are you friends with the band? Any other local bands you would suggest we try and paly with? Again nothing in the works right now but just putting out feelers.

12/19/05: Post by Hack

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Yeah, I'll ask Randy how their consignment system works. There may be a minimum number of cd's required.
Posted by: BLOWBACK
hey, we should get you discs so that you can put them up for consignment... lemme know if you're interestedi think Bob is in Florida still - Napleswow - what a bombshell - Bush personally ordered domestic surveillance: can you imagine Tom DeLay or Newt Gingrich HOWLING if Clinton would have even mentioned the possibility of doing this? Or how they would have been HOWLING if a columnist would have revelealed, as columnist Bob Novak did this week, that Clinton knew the identity of a White House leaker who outed a covert operative? Or how much HOWLING there would still be if Clinton would have said, as Bush recently did, that he took us to war in Kosovo based on faulty intelligence?Instead we got a mountain of sanctimonious dribble because of clearly PERSONAL matters. I personally think what Clinton did with Lewinsky was wrong - HOWEVER, that is NOT my personal business - my personal business is my personal business, full stop.

12/10/05: Post by Hack

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Hey folks, if any of you remember Randy who used to work at Manifest Discs in Charleston SC, he's now managing the former Manifest branch in Greenville SC, now called Earshot. If Necktie Bob is out there, he should get in touch with Randy or me. We'd like to invite him to town for the Black Lungs show the weekend of Jan.7 ( or Likewise any Blowbackers who might be interested