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dang, the url; below didn't come out so good, so here it goes:
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so we've got a show coming up in a couple of weeks in D.C. - Friday MArch 10; show begins at 9:00pm and may begin with someone who does hip hop with an ukuleleshould be a bit of an activist fest too, as speakers will intermingle the sets:Sam Smith ( ) if you haven't subscribed, you need to!Allie Robbins of United Students Against SweatshopsJim Cason of Friends Committee on National Legislation, name listed for identification purposes only, i thinkMartin Eisen, DC Public School Teacher and local union repMargaux Delotte Bennet, local activist, poet, and spoken word artistpossibly others barging in as they arrive from vigils or rallies across townwe'll be playing at Club Asylum located on 18th St., near Columbia Rd. come one, come all

02/10/06: Post by BIII

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Here's a link to a really incredible story done by the NY Times about failures in command before and after the Hurricane Katrina crisis. transcripts of President Bush talking with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, Max Mayfield, the director of the National Hurricane Center, and Michael D. Brown, the FEMA director.Also email and other documents from those in charge and those who were trying desperately to warn those in charge.Read these and make your own conclusions.