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Posted by: BLOWBACK
so the Black Cat in DC? or some club in NYC? or some club in Seattle?

11/24/06: Post by Hack

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day this year. At least the election results were something to be thankful for. Main reason I'm writing is to let the DC folks know the Supersuckers are playing with the remnants of the NY Dolls (David Johansen, etc.) at the Cat Club Sunday night, should be a great rock show. Not political, but a guaranteed good time. If you're not familiar with the Supersuckers, you can check out their website ( to see if you like them. They're a mixture of punk, 70's rock, and country. I'm going to try to get down to Charleston and see them Tuesday at the Music Farm or else at their next gig, Atlanta.
Posted by: BLOWBACK
So any predictions for tomorrow?And has anybody looked at Sam Smith's essay that we posted a few weeks ago?Finally, any ideas for how we prove that the protocols of the elders of zion are totally fabricated? There is a great picture book that shows that, yet the protocols appear to be in many bookstores.