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You are currently viewing archive for December 2006

12/29/06: Post by BIII

Posted by: BLOWBACK
R.I.P. to the G.O.S.Thanks for the Funk.

12/06/06: Post by Hack

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Pretty scary, Senyor....On a somewhat more upbeat note, you might want to check out -- an imposter/parody website that helped defeat incumbent Republican Congressman Charles Taylor from western North Carolina in the recent elections. Taylor was one of the richest men in Congress (assets over $70 million) and had managed to survive 8 terms in what had previously been one of the most independent districts in the country (i.e., it used to change hands every two years). He earned a spot on the "Ten Most Corrupt Congressmen" list. didn't so much report anything new as collect evidence at a central site, the weight of which became overwhelming. Now that the election is over, the site will remain up only till Dec.31, so you should check it out soon. [Note that the authors credit Negativland and the Yesmen for the inspiration to "become the media" -- both worth checking out as well.]

12/02/06: Post by Senyor

Posted by: BLOWBACK
I know a thing or two about wireless tech -- and this one really surprised me. yet?

12/01/06: Post by Hack

Posted by: BLOWBACK
I think it was the Black Cat. Sorry, I was writing from memory and the band's website deletes tour dates after they're played. The DC gig was last weekend. Guru and I saw them Tuesday in Charleston -- he told me he'd seen you over Thanksgiving. To quote the Supersuckers about themselves, the show was "Awesome." Five bands plus go-go girls, what more can you ask for?