I'd pay more attention to what Sam Smith has been saying about Obama and Clinton. Essentially, that neither is taking any discernible stance on anything of importance. Even the Washington Post recently had a piece discussing that Clinton's campaign is nothing but platitudes. Any someone very close to me said she likes Obama but my question to her and to all of his supporters is "where's the beef?" Ok OK, it's nice to hear about the politics of hope, but what about the politics of concrete decisions and real stances and what will you actually try to do about universal health care and ending the war and eradicating - yes, eradicating - poverty.Sam and, i suppose, many others have pointed out that of all the Democratic contenders who were in Congress at the time, ALL except for Kucinich voted FOR the war.So Geffen and the different campaigns are in some mud about who is good and who is not as good -- who care? What does Clinton actually stand for? What does Obama actually stand for?Don't get me wrong - I WANT to like them. But right now, Kucinich and Feingold, make sense. Hagel? Sam?