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You are currently viewing archive for May 2008

05/14/08: Post by Senyore

Posted by: BLOWBACK
"Wiretaps up, terrorism prosecutions down"

05/07/08: Post by Franklin

Posted by: BLOWBACK
So a new drug bust in San Diego netting something on the order of 75 students...Manhattan's statistics show NYC to be one of the pot-bust capitals of the world...Incarceration rates in the U.S.A. are the highest in the world, topping even those of China's, and the main culprit is the drug war, our jails filled with non-violent offenders, busted for a joint...And we all know that jail is the graduate school for criminal activity - one of its most famous graduates? the Medellín Cartel.None of the top contenders even allow the word decriminalization cross their lips, although most lawmakers KNOW that the drug war is a bust.