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Posted by: BLOWBACK
Sounds good, just let me know.

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08/20/08: Post by BIII

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Maybe we do it via phone this weekend

Hack, Senor will be in town so we just gotta track down Frankie

08/03/08: Post by Senyor

Posted by: BLOWBACK
Ya there are actually 2 others, at least that I know of... one from Japan (hardcore punk, just toured w/Tragedy), and one from Sweden (stoner rock). I guess the world's big enough for 3 BLOWBACKs....!
Posted by: BLOWBACK
Hi Franklin,Looks like there's another band called Blowback. Thought you'd like to know.They did a west coast tour. That's funny! There's a band from Norway called The Colombian Neckties. Now there's a band called Blowback.

Hey, do you keep in touch with Senorita Carlita? (hehe) She was the head of the Marlo Thomas fan club, wasn't she? (heh heh)Ok, enough of the inside jokes. Later!