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The filmmakers have posted their oscar-nominated Iraq documentary, "No End In Sight," in its entirety on YouTube.

(It's about 100 minutes long and can also be watched in 'high quality' by clicking the link on the same page)
(And thanks for fixing the links, Senor)
Hey, just made some updates so that if you include a website link in your post, it will show up as a clickable link. Hope this helps...

Rolling Stone article by Greg Palast and Robert Kennedy Jr.
We have overhauled our old comments forum and now have this new one set up. Hope you like it!

It should work about the same:

- you still don't need an account to post something, and can use whatever name you want (a lot of you seem to like that)
- you can subscribe and get updates by email -- look down at the bottom for the subscribe form.

You can also now comment directly on posts, search the archives by words, or by month, and more cool stuff will be coming.

We're still working things out so let me know if you have any problems: info @ blowback . org.

Hope ya like!


10/04/08: Border Privacy

Bill would protect against laptop snooping

Lost in the bailout melee was a bill that U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, D-Tacoma, introduced Monday to address intrusive and inappropriate laptop snooping by the Border Patrol.