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Al Capone

The police our friends - at least the members of LEAP - Law Enforcement Againt Prohibition. They have witnessed first-hand the devastating human consequences of drug probition. They have the courage to listen to their consciences. And they refuse to continue risking their lives and ruining the lives of others to feed a money-making machine built on human suffering. Let's give props to these cops - as well as the many prosecutors and other law enforcement agents in LEAP brave enough to rise up against prohibition.
Insightful Op-Ed on the colossal failure of The War on Drugs and the current political climate favoring policies based on science and common sense over the knee-jerk reactionary drug policies of the past 40 years since not-a-crook Nixon unilaterally declared a violent war against a medical problem.

Drugs Won the War (New York Times, 6/13/09)

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We just put all of the song lyrics in a new section of the site -- now not only can you read them but write your comments on each song page and say what you think.

We will probably regret this later -- but have at it.

The new lyrics page is HERE!