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You are currently viewing archive for August 2009
Posted by: BLOWBACK
Profane Existence

Check out the new review of Drug War from Profane Existence...

Was there not a band from Japan called BLOW BACK? Well this isn't them, these guys are from DC and boy do they fucking rock. Four songs that bring back memories of early DOA (at their best) and MDC (circa Smoke Signal period, one that I love) and this little record is just fantastic from start to finish. Great songs, nifty riffage and you can just feel the anger and passion in every song. The three songs that are in English are politically charge and executed in a very convincing manner where they will have you shaking your fist and dancing at the same time. Looking like one of my fave 7"s this year so far. (MH)

Posted by: BLOWBACK
One World Studios

In case you've been wondering what we're up to lately, we got together at One World Studios in DC and started to work on a new set of songs. An album is starting to take shape -- the demos sound great, generally loud and annoyed. Hope to have more updates soon...