Inner Ear Studios Don Zientara

Hi friends,

Lots of new things happening with BLOWBACK!

First, we're about to record some new songs with zen master Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios. Being at Inner Ear is always inspiring since that's where so many of our favorite recordings were made -- Bad Brains, Fugazi, Minor Threat -- and Don is a huge guiding force in making songs a reality. We posted some demos of what we'll be working on in the Fifth Column forum - sign up for our mailing list to get an early listen.

Also we did an interview with Harvey at 'Punk Rock 77' that just got posted - it was fun to rewind and talk about BLOWBACK from the beginning. You can check out the full interview here and find out why the heck we're doing this.

Finally, Richard Klin's book "Something To Say" - which features BLOWBACK's Franklin Stein along with Howard Zinn, Pete Seeger and others, is getting some good reviews and is available now on Amazon.

Thanks for your support and look for some new BLOWBACK songs soon!