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Posted by: BLOWBACK
Blowback Greed Runs the Clock on Thashhead
Another amazing review of Greed Runs the Clock - thanks Rene and Thrashhead, you can read the full review here!

"The album superbly navigates an ocean of influences to present to you a steaming hot platter of no bullshit punk rock spiced heavily with some red hot socio-political commentary which will have your ass burning for a week.

You take "Cassandra's Lament" for example and you got the groove of NYC Hardcore yet, the spoken word against blind consumerism reminds me of the early bay punx...while, at the same time, the raging screams of "the smokestacks reaching into the sky" and the pounding drum intro points me towards the seemingly conflicting directions of the more volatile anger of Amebix and Bad Brains (Right Brigade)!

Blowback has put out one of the strongest punk offerings I've heard this year, it's genre-less, it's just punk fucking rock!"

Check out Greed on the Music page here.
Posted by: BLOWBACK
BLOWBACK Greed Runs the Clock on
Thanks to John Gentile and for a great review of Greed Runs the Clock!

"The EP solidly plants one foot in the nation's capitol and the other foot in the nation's capitol of sleaze. …undeniable hardcore with its screamed/growled vocals, stomping drums and slashing strings…skittles and tilts like '80s D.C. hardcore ….. [but] adds a level of menace, energy and, frankly, fun, that makes the piece more exciting than run of the mill barking.

Blowback's combination of the various facets of a relatively narrow genre suggest that perhaps hardcore is wider than we think. The wrapping of the different attributes together does create an interesting question: Is Blowback looking back or looking forward?"

You can check out the full review of Greed Runs the Clock here. Leave your own rating or review to let them know what you think!

Get the 7" of Greed with hi-res download included at Interpunk or the MP3-only version on iTunes or Amazon.