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HC/Punk Matinee

156 Rivington Street
(between Clinton & Suffolk)

Some past performances documentated below for posterity:

  • SHOWS #4

  • SHOWS #3
    A few entertaining gigs here. In New York during the Republican National Convention, we interrupted a pagan ritual with a punk show, which ended in a mic wrestling contest with one of the pagans... had live puppetistas join in at Casa Del Pueblo....set up a generator show in Farragut Square surrounded by about a hundred cops...and played at the Washington Momument, including a jam with Michelle Shocked. The whole thing was broadcast by CSPAN and our message board was immediately clogged with hating posts from the Rush Limbaugh army.

  • SHOWS #2
    This almost qualified as a 'tour', a series of shows during IMF/World Bank meetings in Washington DC. One of the unplanned highlights included 'borrowing' someone else's permit and generator truck to set up on Pennsylvania Ave in front of the Department of Justice, then blasting away while 50,000+ demonstrators marched by. Tek the cabbie ran across town to buy a 3 prong plug converter with minutes to spare. Another happened when our flyers upset some locals who complained and got our show cancelled. Our shows seem to get cancelled a lot. We also did an in studio set at WMUC at the University of Maryland, met some great new friends in Boston, and ended up playing a show with My Chemical Romance (?!). Read on...

  • SHOWS #1
    This set of shows happened around the time of the Organized Resistance Conference at Amercan University in Washington DC, and the World Economic Forum (and counter-summit) in New York City. As usual, most of it came together at the last minute. We had the good luck of being the surprise musical entertainment at a NY IMC rally, managed to play the F2 Festival without getting arrested, and met and played with a number of excellent bands, a number of which are unfortunately no longer together -- Zegota, Kill The Man Who Questions, and Crispus Attucks.