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BLOWBACK just finished tracking new songs in upstate New York at Don Fury Studios. Things are sounding good, we had a great time working with Fury and have 5 new songs in the can. We're figuring out what exactly to do with them, but a release of some sort is on the way. More to come!

01/31/17: Yes he does

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Posted by: BLOWBACK
Keystone pipeline: Current and propsed
Sometimes there's good news. The contentious Keystone XL pipeline project was denied. File under "A Rare Victory for Environmental Activists over Corporate Greed."

President Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline Plan

Interested in finding out more about the ecological impacts of oil production? Listen to a demo version of the latest BLOWBACK song Water on Fire.

11/06/15: Protesters beware

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Protest Million Mask March
Protesters beware!

Corporations are increasingly getting monetary judgements from individuals, even for non-violent civil disobedience. Your democratic rights are under attack.

ABA Journal: Protesters may pay the price when civil disobedience becomes costly

(Not to mention how Chevron has cited damages from organizations like Amazon Watch and a documentary filmmaker.)

12/13/14: Bark like a dog

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This newly released report details CIA torture tactics that are now public. It's horrible.

A new report describes detainees chained to the floor and left without water or food for 24 hours or more who had urinated or defecated on themselves. Tactics included sleep deprivation, forced shaving, "Invasion of Space by a Female", and forcing a detainee to bark like a dog.

Other incidents include mock executions, revving a power drill while a detainee stood naked and hooded and forcing detainees to inhale smoke until they vomited.

The land of the free is a torture machine. For your listening reference, see the song SMF.
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We are finishing off some new recordings, check here for more info soon!
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Be on the lookout for an upcoming report on CIA torture tactics in the wake of 9/11.

New York Times: Stop the CIA Spin on the Senate Torture Report

"ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Senate Intelligence Committee will soon release key sections of its report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s detention and interrogation of terrorism suspects after 9/11. In remarks on Friday anticipating the report’s release, which he has publicly supported, President Obama acknowledged that “we tortured some folks.”"

Here's a video that summarizes the importance of disclosing what's been done:
Open Society Foundations: Tell the Truth about CIA Torture

Take a look and let us know what you think.
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Check this link for details on how Chevron's latest legal actions cite the cartoon posted below as potential damages. There's a "Take Action" button on the Amazon Watch site where you can let your voice be heard.

Amazon Watch: Chevron Cries Please Your Honor Make the Cartoons Stop
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See the new video produced by Amazon Watch about Chevron's pollution in Ecuador and legal actions they have taken to fight the charges: