To those of you who think that sending young volunteers from the West will be enough to win the war against the Muslims... I have news for you. It will not do. This war has been going on for over 700 years, and is not about to end without a total and humiliating and devastating defeat of this pscychotic enemy. Just as it took 2 nuclear weapons to placate the suicidal, homicidal maniacs known as the Japanese, who provoked America in the last major war, it will take dozens of them to smash Islam and cow the Muslims. We probably do not have to exterminate the Muslims, it would be prudent to try the nuclear weapons method first. If they resisted, well, tough cookies Muhammed... but you've got to go.The world was working just great before the psychopathic muslims and their tacit bretheren started attacking Western Civilization. Books were even appearing entitled "The End of History" and such. But alas, the Muslims continued on their mad, murderous rampage and sooner or later it will come down to the big guns. Let's just get it the fuck over with and nuke the filthy pigs.