Regarding "ted":You just keep thinking that way there BIIIly boy. We need more kool-aid drinkers like you banging that party bongo! Denial is a very importanat tool of the useful idiots as we maxists know all too well.In swirling mists of heavy fog, within this crystal ball I see a vision of the future, that awaits us all. I SEE A DIVERGENT AMERICA, if Bush is Elected. He will immediately institute the DRAFT, so all young unemployed persons (M & F) will be coerced into military service, (which is a Socialist structure) where all become "govt property", & lose their individual rights. They are simply pawns in Bush's EverLasting War, with 50 nations, to last 2 or 3 generations. With that agenda, you need a huge Army & military force. By encouraging Mexicans & illegal aliens to invade us by the millions, (like the barbarians at the gate of Rome) they will take all low-paying unskilled jobs, & then resort to crime & robbery, if they can't find jobs. Our welfare system is already swamped with 1/3 of Mexican immigrants getting on Welfare. We already suffer a LACK of good Jobs going into 2005, & new Tiajuana Arrivals will exacerbate the problem. Where will ordinary citizens find a Job? If John Doe citizen goes in search of LOW-paying jobs, he is out of luck, since Juan Valdez grabbed them first. If he goes seeking HIGH-Paying jobs, - He would have to move to India or Brazil. (Outsourcing is so great). So WHERE does John Doe find a job? Answer: All jobs are gone, & unemployment is rampant, & UNIONS no longer exist. The only alternative, is the military. Joining the military is giving away your rights, putting yourself at the mercy of any officer in rank above you, & They tell you what to wear, (a uniform), they tell you what to eat (MRE"s), and they tell you what to say, (Yes Sir, Yes Sir), AND they tell you when to sleep, what duties you will perform, and they have whole systems of punishment for you if you think for yourself or if you disobey. You may be shipped off at a moment's notice to a battlefield like Iraq, & you may have to exchange bullets with total strangers. Indoctrination will tell you what to think, & it is Big Brother all day. Watching your every move. ALL THIS FOR POVERTY INCOME. The luckier ones will beg at the feet of the wealthy Republicans for a job. Corporate crooks like CEO's of Enron & Halliburton will control all Wealth, & control Congress & foreign policy. Under Bush, none of the "crooks" will ever be punished. Are you kidding, hurt their contributors? John & Jane Doe will humbly beg for whatever crumbs the greedy CEO's allow them. Salaries will be low, for WE will be competing with all the 3rd world countries for wages. Once unions are gone, (outlawed by Repubs), the workers will have NO POWER, to barter for benefits & perks. It will be dog eat dog, just trying to put Bread upon your table. In an instant, Bush & his Military Machine has made this USA into a nation of slaves. People in the military have NO rights & are subject to prison or court martial. They must risk their lives, at any time, for poverty pay. OTHER workers must work for crumbs, or be threatened that their job may disappear off to India. So all the Wealth & Power has been concentrated at the Top, while all the Jane & John Doe's are put into perpetual drudgery, & essential rights taken away. They too will be forced to work for low poverty wages, IF THEY WANT TO KEEP THEIR JOB. Republicans in Congress yesterday refused to give US workers a minimum wage of $7 per hour, so they could afford to feed their kids. That is $1,200 Month, (approx) Or $14,400 a Year, before taxes. NET: $11,500 YR. (TRY TO LIVE ON THAT). But the greedy Republicans don't want Americans to have even this abysmally low salary, since THEY WANT TO KEEP ALL their MONEY, (mostly made by crooked corporation deals, & by stock market manipulations, & by inheritance.) But they can't pay actual WORKERS a decent wage, & would rather give jobs to foreign workers, & invest in Iraqi oil & drugs, & arms smuggling. THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. A BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD & EVIL. Massive corporate corruption, with ties to organized crime, & international cartels of arms & dope, LUST FOR GREED & POWER, no respect for tradition, or the Constitution, or even Nature itself. The REPUBLICAN PARTY has fallen into Evil Hands. They are full of phoney preachers, (like Jerry Falwell) & phoney healers, & exorcists. A CIRCUS of jesters & clowns to entertain the masses. And LOOT them of their money, of course. A good religious scam, now & then, always helps. Like PTL, for instance. (Tammy Faye Bakker) & One horribly sick preacher sells tapes saying the Clintons are witches & are working for the New World Order. On a Fundamentalist Baptist site. PROFITING by peddling this twisted rubbish. The Republicans have shown they will stop at nothing to gain & keep Power. They broke into Dem Hdqtrs (Watergate) to bug the offices & steal supplies, & videotape scenes to blackmail Dem Congressmen. They stole NATO supplies & smuggled dope to create money to fund a secret revolution in Nicaragua (IRAN-CONTRA), ---- they bribed Ayatollah to hold our American hostages for several extra weeks, just so Reagan could take the credit for their return. And win the election away from Carter. -- they told lies to get us into Iraq, so OIL could be siphoned out. -- They rigged the election of 2000, after bribing numerous officials in FLA. & using favors from Supreme Court nominees, they took over the Electoral Process, (which took away our Democracy). Under Bush, the Patriot Act will be made permanent, so Big Brother can monitor your internet useage, keep you under his gaze, all day & night. The Thought Police will be sure you never criticize your Commander in Thief, or there will be serious consequences. George can declare you to be a "terrorist", such as IF you are an environmentalist & believe in protecting wildlife, harp seals, or Nature. OR if you belong to the so-called "terrorist organization of NEA, (teachers union). Like in all Fascist dictatorships, they always arrest the teachers & smart people, at the same time as they are imprisoning the opposition leaders. All who pose a "threat" to Big Brother (basically anybody with a Brain & Independent Thought) must be imprisoned, so this will become a commonplace activity under Bush. Lucky kids won't be required to go to school anymore. In fact, education is optional. The Govt will point to our Feuhrer, Geo Bush as an Example that "You don't gotta be smart to be President". And being Dumb serves the purposes of Republican leaders. Dumb people can't organize any kind of Revolt, against evil dictators. And Dumb people are the only ones who would still vote for Bush, IF Elections are ever going to be allowed. They will be abolished soon. The Future under George Bush will not resemble our America at all. A huge Tranformation will have taken place. Suppression of Freedom & Free Thought will be the first thing you notice, along with grim faces without HOPE. HOWEVER, THE ALTERNATIVE, under JOHN KERRY: Economic surplus will become a top priority, & getting the budget balanced, for economic stability. A unique plan to manage the Iraq War, so we can depart & leave the fighting to the UN or other forces. Better education & health care for all, Search for better Energy sources, instead of OIL. - may include hydrogen fuel cell cars, & wind turbines. Stop outsourcing of our jobs, & stop immigration in the massive numbers that are coming now, (ie) Mexico. People encouraged to get a GOOD Education, so they can recognize a good candidate, & correct sides of every issue if they ever see it