Why is it you liberals have such a problem with common sense? I'm a big believer in the principle of letting our enemies know, in no uncertain terms, that violence will be met with violence. That's how you reduce the threat. Look back over history. It seems to work. And to borrow a quote from the liberal Mike Newcomb's website (http://www.onsecondthought.net/), "Words matter, both spoken and written. Dialogue and discourse are, after all, the hallmarks of our democracy. However, when rancor and rhetoric prevail, our esteemed institutions become threatened" I agree, so why don't you liberals dial it back a bit? After all, you are the ones engaging in rancor and rhetoric. Conservatives "pose a more serious threat than terrorists". Yeah, I like your example of discourse. I want to puke when I see Democratic Senators throwing down the V word, and spewing other defeatist garbage. It's obvious they would rather try to score some political points at the cost of our war effort, so what does that say about them?