BIII = BORDERTEX....Now, back to realityA bit later today a breathless media will be standing by to report on John Kerry's latest campaign gambit ... the "Misery Index." He's going to try to tell Americans just how horrible things are for them.Well, let's see ....Inflation is low Interest rates are low Unemployment is low and new claims for jobless benefits are going down Jobs are being created at the greatest rate in years, and a greater proportion of these jobs are high-paid managerial positions. Family income is at an all-time high, and yes ... that's adjusted for inflation. Almost one-half of wage-earners pay no federal income taxes at all Home ownership levels are also at an all-time high. Fewer people are on welfare Illegitimate birth rates are down Record amounts are being spent on entertainment like movies, theme parks and vacations More and more people are rediscovering their religious faith Yeah .. it's a miserable time to live in America, isn't it? Well, Kerry is sure going to try to convince you that it is. Remember, good news for you is usually bad news for Democrats. Bad news for you is good news for Democrats. Democrats thrive when you suffer. Kerry will do his best today to convince you that you are far more miserable than you really feel. Do you really want to lend your political support to a to a party that thrives on misery? Now we know why John Kerry has