In the court of public opinion it has become apparent and evident that the bush/cheney/rumsfeld/rice republican administration failed the country Congress and the american people by refusing to warn the country after the bush/cheney administration recieved the "august 5, 2001 memorandum" from the american CIA/FBI who was apparently doing a good job ofINFORMING THE BUSH APPOINTED WHITEHOUSEand now we have mr.bush using his photo opportunity next to egyptian president Hosni Mubarack trying to tell our country that the "fbi was conducting investigations"WHEN IN A DAILY BREIFING TO THE U.S. "president" it was told by the american intelligence that a threat was upon our country by the Bin Laden terror cell?I feel as an american citizen that when the bush/cheney administration had an opportunity to stop the twin tower terrorthe bush/cheney administration instead allowed the terror to happen otherwise what was wrong with warning America the minuto! the american government received the "august 6, 2001 memo from the american intelligence? but bush thought he would do New York the favor after! THE FBI/CIA MEMO TO THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION IMPLIED TO THE WHOLE COUNTRY A DANGER WAS UPON OUR COUNTRY AND WAS MADE AVAILABLE TO THE BUSH ADMINISTRATIONI have trouble understanding what more threat mr.bush needed to hear when it was evident that the threat had already been made and anybody trying to tell this country that because the "threat was not specific" at what time in history has any country been advised by a potential terror act of where it would take place? and just what kind of fools does mr.bush take this country for?For your information mr. appointed "president" whom the popular vote did not elect, the information on the "august 6, 2001 memo from the CIA/FBI" should have sufficed any intelligent adminstration to have known that above all idiot things of the world the responsibility to not keep americans in the dark laid on the shoulders of the bush/whitehouse but again like in Iraqbush failed the american people and as a result today many needless military deaths have added tothe already Iraqi coffins bush has caused in Iraq all in the name and fight for oil and for Halliburton to dig its fangs in the billions from our taxpayers taken to Iraq by this corrupt and inept bush/cheney administrationOH YEAH BUSH NOW WANTS TO TRY TO TELL US THAT IT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO PREVENT FUTURE terrorismthan to get to the bottom of 9-11?mr. bush, many american taxpayers from the state of New York would have appreciated having their loved ones lost in the twin tower terror home this easter and day of holy resurrection, but as usual the devil came in disguise and fornicated america with Iraq and with the american billions taken to Iraq so that Halliburton and other bush connected oil corporations could benefit with the destruction of the infrastructure in IraqOR WHY ELSE WAS IT SO IMPORTANT TO DESTROY IRAQ?BECAUSE IN ORDER FOR HALLIBURTON AND OTHER BUSH CONNECTED OIL COMPANIES TO BENEFIT FROM THE MILITARY SLAUGHTER IN IRAQ, it was necessary to slaughter civility in Iraq and so there s you have he rest of this horrid story where on "august 6, 2001" APPOINTED 'president' BUSH, FAILED TO WARN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OF IMEPNDING DANGER AND IMMINENT THREAT! HERE WAS THE REAL IMMINENT THREAT MR. BUSH, WHERE YOU FAILED TO WARN AMERICANS IN EVERY STATE OF THIS COUNTRY TO HAVE PREVENTED! 9-11BUT THEN IT WAS MORE CONVENIENT TO LET THE DISASTER HAPPEN WASN'T IT BUSH? after all by then the bush/cheney polls were on the ground due to the conditions of the country bush had brought about with his senseless tax breaks to the rich and like this not only would bush and cheney bleed the terror of 9-11 yanking society from its feet and shoving all of us into a corner of fear but rudy guliani, would also resurrect from the dead after being the most corrupt mayor in office while all the New York police brutality took place you remember s, when that cop shoved that plunger up that poor man's body?and "in the name of gulianni" the cop did this terrible things to a colored man and this was not the only police brutality in New York under the guliani regime no, but then through 9-11 and the bleeding of the terror, rudy guliani resurrects from the dead and rises to the level of having that english tick, queen elizabeth name him a a "knight" a night of terror maybe while under his watch the twin towers burned and a night of terror in the bush whitehouse for allowing 9-11 to take placeOH NOW ms. rice wants to confuse us by trying to makeit seem that there was some "sturctural problema" with the title of THE AUGUST 6, 2001 MEMO vut in reality the only structural problem is the fact that the terror news did not get filtered down to the people so that at least! the country would have been warned but bush liked surpises and apparently has enjoyed bathing in the blood of 9-11 and now Iraq where we know that in reality, the american government has killed many civilian Iraqi's to carry out their demonic occupation aint that the truth corrupt bush administration that you are all trying to wash your bloody hands like pontious pilate by pointing the finger the other way?Americans will not be fooled by the bush administration who has already failed americans by refusing to warn us prior to 9-11 and Americans should be watchful of a most corrupt administration who could contaminate Israel with its corruption more than what Israel is already also contaminated with the same ambitions as the United States to force Iraqis and Palestinians to civil unrest so that these two evils can rule the world with the constant whip of fear when it did not have to be this wayIT DID NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY BECAUSE WE DID NOT HAVE TO GO OPEN UP THAT BLOOD RIVER UP IN IRAQNOR DID WE HAVE TO HAVE GIVEN ISRAEL THE AMERICAN BOMBS TO DROP ON THE DEFENSELVESS PEOPLE OF PALESTINEno we did not have to do it but we did it and now bush wants to run to the middle east while the blood from Iraq is still dripping from his fangs and his hands?mr. bush, the day of judgment be upon you for thy war crimes on the civilians in Iraq and the government of Iraq and Palestine and may the sword of justice slash in half the two greatest evils in the world contributing to world terrorism with their vicious acts! of greed to control the world you cannot control the world oil mr. bush and you were the "commander in chief" who took american troops to Iraq and sat them there like sitting ducks to fight bush's oil war, burn in hell bush,for the blood you have spilt in Iraq and take Ariel Sharon with you on the way to hades because if Israel really wanted peace to be achieved in the middle east where the jews have forced jewish settlements on palestinian territory without the consent of the Palestinian peopleAriel Sharon would not only withdraw its forced jewish settlements from GAZA but from the WEST BANK ALSO because it just does not seem to be fair to try to tell the world that GAZA is to be returned to its land owners while on the other side of GAZA the WEST BANK will be left to suffer the constant humiliation of the Israeli occupation of a region who like the GAZA deserves and demands to be returned to its landowners so that peace may be achieved but if this were to happen on what reasons would Israel continue bleeding our country with the bombs to drop in palestine on the civilians?because when Israeli american funded bombs have been dropped on the Palestinian people civilians have suffered the consequences and it is time to take into consideration the number of Palestinian children who have not been allowed to live a normal life with the jewish curfews from that hog ariel sharon who should be in front of the war tribune for his war crimes or what does Ariel Sharon hide from us that he committed in Lebanon?I mean if Israel has been allowed to defecate when ever it chose on the Palestinian People,it has been because the U.S. has allowed it and ten middle east peace agreements mr. bush,WILL NOT ERASE THE QUESTIONS REMAINING THAT YOU FAILED TO WARN THE STATE OF NEW YORK ON the evening of August 6, 2001 after receiving credible information from reliable sources, in our american government agencies that a threat to the U.S. was imminentGEORGE BUSH HAS COMITTED WORSE THAN TREASON ON OUR COUNTRY WHEN HE KNOWNLY AND INTENTIONALLY FAILED TO WARN THE STATE OF NEW YORK AFTER IN WRITTEN MEMORANDA, THE BUSH/CHENEY WHITEHOUSE RECIEVED WRITTEN INFOMRATION THAT 'hijackeings" could take place and that "aircraft" could be employed so I hope mr.bush is licking his 9-11 blood tainted vulturous fangs after allowing 9-11 to take place and for allowing such magnitutde of terror to distract the country from the already political fallout the bush adminstration was suffering prior to 9-11 for its inept and incomeptent and destructive demonic ways of running our country under his appointed pathetic presidencyI SAY REMOVE BUSH FROM OFFICE SO THAT NEVER AGAIN DO OUR AMERICAN TROOPS HAVE TO BE THE MARTYRS FOR THE BUSH WHITEHOUSE HEY BUSH, THE TROOPS DID NOT HAVE TO DIE IN YOUR OIL WAR BUT THOU HAS CAUSED THIS DEATH UPON OUR TROOPS NEEDLESSLY WHERE DIALOG AND DIPLOMACY COULD HAVE TAKEN CARE OF THINGS BUT REMEMBER AMERICA WE HAVE A WACKO IN THE WHITEHOUSE AND ITS TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK WITH A NEW PRESIDENT WHO IS ANYBODY BUT THAT REPUBLICAN CORRUPT IDIOTA IN THE BUSH WHITHEOUSE the truth is that republicans hate to hear the truth and they will go to any lengths to twist the truth and keep americans fooled but no longer is our country fooled when we now know that since August 6, 2001, the bush/cheney administration had an obligation and opportunity to warn Americans and what did they do?BY REFUSING TO WARN AMERICANS?well lets see, amd eventhough the right wing hates to hear this things facts are that the bush/cheney administration has flatly lied to americans and they allowed 9-11 to happen this is all that has happened since the August 6, 2001 memo, many people died thanks to george bush and now some of you want to hide the truth but the truth can no longer be hidden from society mr.corrupt bush