The reality is that indeed John Kerry has been involved in congressional decision making as a long time Senator in Washington more familiar with the Washington corridors than a Texas corporate bought republican who all he could do was use the american military in Iraq to satisfy his political ambitions here at homebecause this is all Iraq has been, bush's political platformand then we have all those american coffins flying back so lets get one thing straight right wingersgeorge walker bush will never have, the Washington experience the experienced Senator from Massachussetts has and has been part of the apartus that makes the country run in Washingtonand that the republicans in the majority in Congress were unwilling to reach common sense and middle ground with the democratic struggle to address critical social issues as poverty and miminum wages human health and fighting the aids virus and controling the spread of assault weapons to civiliansbecause if today in Iraq the american coalition pleads with Iraq to turn over their AK-47's, and weapons of mass destruction, then why is the republican party of george bush having a problem understanding the opposition to the spread of Ak-47's to shoot deer in the United States for sport?I mean if the problems created by terrorism include the reality that high assault weapons are in the hands of civilians in IRAQ and which is undemocratic, then why are republicans here in the United States trying to wipe out the assault weapons ban because the NRA and gun manufacturers would rather press assault weapons on the civil way of life in the United States I mean if its a crime in Iraq to have an Ak -47 like most Iraqis carry in bush's oil war for american blood in Iraq, then why are this republicans encouraging the sale of assault weapons through Texas pawn shops and every hole this republicans have made possible?If the civilians in America are free under our democracy to purchase assault weapons with bullets able to cause massive destruction, then why is this democracy not good enough in IRaq that after all they dont have to purchase the weapons since they already have them, WHY IS IT A CRIME IN IRAQ TO CARRY AN ASSAULT WEAPON AND REPUBLICANS HERE ENCOURAGE THE USE OF ASSAULT WEAPONS WHEN THEY SPIT ON THE ASSAULT WEAPONS BILL?SURELY SOMETHING IS WRONG IN A COUNTRY WHERE we are faced with the appointed presidency of a ball park manager who spat and shined his boots instead of fighting in the jungles of Vietnam as President John kerry did because I believe that if this country has any intelligence left, John Kerry will be President because this is the only choice Americans havebecause all bush has given this country is the biggest reasons to remove him from office while his republican twin brother in the State of Texas Rick Perry attempts to destroy and dismantle the Texas Public School System by again allowing the fewer rich to exploit the massive poor on the backs of the children of this country who will be left out of the halls of public education if this republican corrupt thugs have their way in TexasSomehow george walker bush was able to avoid and evade debates during his governorship of Texas and as we all know, george bush was a big contributor to ENRON ripping off all those Texas investors as well as the Texas Teachers Retirementheeee heeeeee heeeeeee, maybe Rick Perry thinks that if he wipes out public education he can erase the fact Texas Teachers lost their retirements to ENRON who escaped paying Taxes while george bush was "governor of Texas"so its a sleazy lot these republican jand only by removing republicans from office can a John Kerry Presidential Administration do our country aj favor after all the harm bush has caused it because when a republican takes a political contribution from a corporation who then runs the country tjhrough its Washington lobbyist, no longer is this democracy and george bush and cheney are the biggest threats to democracy.