The Wrap Up

Sunday, May 2, 2004

As we hit the one year anniversary of the Fly Boy "President" paradingaround an aircraft carrier announcing his mission to finish his daddy's jobaccomplished, everyone seems to be taking a look back at year past, and whatexactly Bush has accomplished.

The May 1, 2003, appearance of Mr. Bush, wearing a flight suit and standingon the deck of a carrier in front of a "Mission Accomplished" banner, nowseems premature to even the White House itself--although White House PressSecretary Scott McClellan still insists there was no prematurecelebration. Rumor and reality continueto clash one year on. Is Iraq the worstblunder in American history?

Paul Krugman: InFront of Your Nose. Bob Herbert: FromDream to Nightmare. Terry Jones: TheWar of the Words. Don't forget about anotheranniversary we are celebrating.

On the eve of this year anniversary, ABC's Nightline will devote their entireshow to reading the names of all the American soldiers who have died in thiswar. Sinclair Broadcasting, which owns seven ABC affiliates, has made thedecision to not broadcast the show. John McCain calls the decision "agross disservice to the public, and to the men and women of the United StatesArmed Forces." Ted Koppel explains the show's purpose.In 2004, Sinclair executives have given 98percent of their political donations to the GOP. There's much more onSinclair and its dirty past here.If you'd like to share your thoughts on this matter with the good folks atSinclair, you can call them--410.568.1500, fax them--410-568-1533, or, best ofall, you can email the people who are in a prime position to buck theircorporate overlords and do the right thing--find email addresses for the sevenABC affiliates here.One person who could certainly use the information is Paul Wolfowitz, who seemsto have already forgotten 200American soldiers.

USAToday joins in on bucking the unwritten rule of this war, to ignore soldierdeaths. A father whose son was killed earlier this month in Iraq thanks theSeattle Times for running the coffinphoto.

Former Ambassador JosephWilson has a new book coming out, in which he discusses the WhiteHouse's smear tactics. He's also got some kind words for "journalist"Robert Novak.

Moqtada Sadr says that Americanshate the Iraqi people.

Arab television stations lead their Friday broadcasts with images of Iraqiprisoners beingabused--from a story that was first aired byCBS. There are pictures here.Amnesty International reports that this was notan isolated incident. What role did privatecontractors play? A look at the reaction in the Arabworld.

The woman in charge of promoting America's image quits and headsto Wall Street. More than 20 former US diplomats send a letter to Bushaccusing him of wrecking America's middleeast policy.

Iraqis see a bright future... withoutthe US.

Ten US soldiers are killedin Falluja. Can the US still win a battle for Iraqipublic opinion? Well, with 71%calling us occupiers, it doesn't look good.

American marines hand control of Falluja over toIraqi troops.

The Pentagon probes an Iraq phonecontract bid.

The British army resistscalls for more troops.

Iraqis change their flag... again.

A retired General says "staying the course" in Iraq isuntenable.

The 333rd Military Police Unit in Freeport, IL is notadequately supplied for battle. And now, a fireman who served with the 333rdhasdied in Iraq.

An Iranian court orders America to $600million for supplying chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein.


Bush and Cheney get together for some quality time with the 9/11Commission--knowing full well that their entire presidential campaign is basedon justone thing. Some are still troubled by the conditionsset by the White House for the testimony. Why does Bush needa minder? What were Dick and Bush afraidof? It's certainly not Osama--they've got 5times the number of people in the Treasury Department working on Castrorather than tracking bin Laden's money.

Monica Gabrielle--who lost her husband on 9/11--wants to know thewhole ugly truth.

The steadily degenerating other war inAfghanistan (In other great news... Afghanistan carries out its firstexecution since the fall of the Taliban.

John Ashcroft gets another public reprimand--this time from GeorgeW. Bush.

For some reason, the Saudi Royal family thinks it has animage problem in America.

When will your town or city get its own terroristattack warning siren?

Starting May 1st, you can watch PBS' TheJesus Factor, an examination of George W. Bush's personal religious journey.

What kind of a twilight zone have we entered that Bush and Cheney canchallenge anyone on theirmilitary record? Is Dick Cheney softon defense?

TheDeaf, Blind, & Mute in America

Bush's approval ratings hit anall-time low.

Is George W. Bush an environmentalretard? (When did the Presidency become anevent in the Special Olympics?)

Some counties in the United States have imprisoned30% of their residents.

Does Bush adviser Karen Hughes equate the March for Women's Lives withterrorists? On the same front, the administration has deletedinformation on women's issues from government websites.

Truckers in California protest high gas prices by blockinga freeway. OPEC considers raising oilprices.

The last Oldsmobile rollsoff the line.

Grocery store chain Winn-Dixie is selling 156 stores and cutting10,000 jobs.

Dow Chemical to cut 3,000jobs.

Gateway loses money and cutsjobs.

The budget is busted, yet Bush pours money in his WMDprogram.

A federal agent shoots himself during a gunsafety class at a youth center.