Uber-Patriot Weather:How disloyal of you to disagree with a decorated Vietnam War veteran to suit your argument.You're right, you don't wear the blinders, you try and place them on others just like Sinclair tried to do. There are MANY links on the Militarycity.com site that do NOT, as you mentioned, "properly" display faces or links to hometown news stories. You need to get your story straight.The site itself is equally as important as the "Nightline" broadcast. It does a very good job giving information on the troops killed, for the most part the same information "Nightline" gave. I wish there were a lot more sites out there like it.However, "Nightline" reaches millions of Americans every night. Airing the names of killed American soldiers, however short (the broadcast was actually extended beyond it's normal 30 min. length to air the names of all Americans killed, combat and non-combat) will do more to honor the dead, simply by reaching more people, than that website ever will.If you can't see the good in that, then I can’t help you. Still I'd like to know exactly what you found so offensive about the broadcast.