WOW!!! That typical hate filled attack response was almost too predictable to be true Mr. Weather, you really caught me by surprise.Your reasons for questioning ABC's timing on the show: "Nothing to do with ratings or sweeps..."You are, sarcastically, saying Koppel held this program to coincide with sweeps week and to get ratings. Correct??? Or at least that Koppel decided to run this program during sweeps or just to get ratings.Your opinion only sir. It's also your opinion that this particular show would be so popular as to gain greater ratings and possibly "win" during sweeps, something I'm sure free market owner Sinclair would have hated to see, espescially when it turned into the resulting profits. MY opinion. Sinclair censored the broadcast for political reasons only. Why else would a free market owner try and keep itself from broadcasting a ratings hit, ESPESCIALLY during sweeps, this is what they are in business to do!!! "or the anniversary of the carrier landing by our commander in chief...."Completely logical and dutiful for a news broadcast to highlight the number of dead soldiers one year after the Bush team's boneheaded descision to make this bold, untruthful, unnecessary statement (then of course deny they had anything to do with it). Every paper out there had a similar story this past week. "Time/Life magazine article from the Vietnam era? Who brought that up? "You're right they're similar, accuse Ted of plagiarism. So how many young Americans will remember that article, none of the 19 and 20 year-olds in Iraq I guarantee."Naw... It wasn't about anti-Vietnam er, uh.. I mean anti-Iraq war propaganda at all."This from a journalist who was famously embedded with the Marines and went along with Pentagon rules for reporting from the "front".Finally, I said: "Still I'd like to know exactly what you found so offensive about the broadcast."As you can see I never "accused" you of saying anything. I agree 100% you never claimed to think that the list was offensive. I was merely trying to get a clear response as to why you agreed with Sinclair's descision. I'll take "McCain is wrong here dude." as your response and leave it at that.