DonaldRumsfeld is now claiming that the military, not the press, broke the prisonabuse story. Rumsfeld's thinking is particularly strange since he and histop military leaders werebusy stalling the media. Either way, it's looking like manyof the prisoners were innocent. Innocent or not, RushLimbaugh seems to think the whole thing ispretty groovy! Al Qaeda might be justas excited.Photos of the dead may indicate graverabuse, and there are more pictures and videos stillto come. Soldiers returning to the US tell of moreabuse and where theorders came from. Former weapons inspector David Kay says he repeatedlywarned of abuse. Several major newspapers call for the end of theRumsfeld Era, as Rummy shows his manyfaces.The road to AbuGhraib began at GuantanamoBay. The Red Cross saw widespreadabuse. Who knew of the abuses, andwhen did they know it? The failures came fromthe top.Lockheed Martin's plans to purchase Titan Corp. isput on hold.Moqtada al-Sadr capitalizeson the prison abuse story.Family and friends of one of the soldiers who appears in the photographs searchfor answers, and now the soldier hasbeen charged.America faces lastingdamage abroad.In Great Britain, the Daily Mirror continues to report on similar abuses atthe hands of Britishsoldiers.The Center for American Progress releases a Strategyfor Progress in Iraq.Searching for the truth on escalatingwar costs.Thirty years ago the French learneda good lesson. When will the first US paper call for withdrawal?Bush is putto the test, and , hey... sois Donald Rumsfeld! Bush puts on a kinder,gentler face for the Arab world, but it seems his damage control is coming abit late, and his image as a leader suffers.Few are happy in Dearborn,Michigan.How long will Colin Powell continue you to play theGood Soldier?Indian workers telltheir stories of working for the US Army in Iraq.Is God still onour side?The Iraqi general in charge of Falluja says Americamust get out.Threesoldiers dieOh, yes, once again, Goodbye,Rummy.9/11, AFGHANISTAN & THE "WAR ON TERROR":
The Federal Aviation Administration destroyed a tape recording made by six airtraffic controllers on September11th, 2001.A college kid files a FOIA request with his the University of Texas, andthe FBI shows up... and speaking of UT, George and Laura won'tbe attending their daughters' graduations.San Francisco libraries will now be putting microchipsin their books to keep track of them.Spain links an American to the Madridbombings.VOTING & DEMOCRACYFlorida explores ways to disenfranchiseup to 40,000 people (and, no, this isn't a flashback).Rolling Stone reports that college students are being blocked from voting by localelection board.Is Bush teetering onthe brink?SCIENCE, ENVIRONMENT & ENERGYTheOil CrunchECONOMYWhen company executives end up in court, it's often the shareholders who paythe costs.Greenspan warns of thedeficits effects on the economy.AND FINALLY
A few months ago, many of you sentyour ideas on how to deal with Cuba to the White House in anticipation of anew commission Bush was forming--well, Bush has just unveiled his plan for Cuba,so readabout it, and see if he used any of your ideas.Send news links here