Interesting, but shaky evidence at best. If these "facts" are solid why are they not more widely known? Probably because of passages like this one:"As Geostrategy-Direct reported, new evidence about a meeting in Prague between Sept. 11 plot leader Mohamed Atta and Iraqi intelligence officer Ahmad Khalil Ibrahim Samir al-Ani has been uncovered. If confirmed, the meeting would indicate a role by Saddam's intelligence service in some level of support for the 9-11 plot. "In other words NOT confirmed.The administration had no qualms about releasing shaky, and in some cases downright false, evidence about the WMDs maybe the sting from that exposure is what's keeping these "facts" from emerging.Also, if true, shouldn't we be bombing Riyadh as well? Seems like every Saddam-Qaida contact met through "Saudi Envoys".