dear friends,once again, i ask that you not re-post articles, as mr. flies has done below. try to summarize the article in your own words and do provide a link to the actual article.a point the Anne Coulter artile that Mr. Flies has posted is that it's the media's fault, both in Vietnam and now in Iraq. Well, i suppose if the media can be faulted for telling the truth, for exposing the truth, and we find that bad, then i'm not sure what we're supposed to base anything on.should the media hide the truth? and so then, we would support something based on lies (by the way, title of the recent BLOWBACK record which everyone should immediately stop whatever they are doing and get). I for one reject that.the public needs to kow the truth because then they can make informed choices. to paraphrase an obnoxious Clinton campaign slogan: "it's democracy, stupid."and yes, the truth can hurt, but if we avoid the truth, the damage will be ten times worse. North Korea might be a good example of where that all can lead to. And surely, we can all agree that we don't want that!