All Blowback fans in Florida:Floridians For All needs your help in getting a minimum wage amendment on the 2004 ballot.From the site:"If the federal minimum wage had been increased to keep up with rising prices over the last 25 years, it would now bring in $15,431 per-year—not the $10,712 it currently does if one works 40 hours per week for $5.15 per hour. As the cost of living keeps going up, the over 300,000 minimum wage workers in Florida, are forced to stretch their dollars even further since Congress hasn't done anything in 6 years. Floridians can do something about raising wages for working families now, by supporting a minimum wage increase. Floridians for All is proposing a minimum wage of $6.15 per hour with indexing to inflation. That means not only a big raise for minimum wage workers, almost 20%, but also that as the cost of living keeps going up, so will the minimum wage. In order to get this question on the ballot in 2004, we need your help."Vote Walt!