To "one of your heroes," yes, i did find the article on Richard Clarke taking responsibility for letting all the SAudi royals and Bin Ladens out right after 9/11 helpful, up to a point. Clarke taking responsibility pinpoints an official but still does not answer the "why?" question. And sorry i hadn't responded. I did earlier in a message that got eaten by my computer just as i was posting it. oh well. does not excuse my lack of response.Those others who continue to put garbage - lots of it, like "you missed your calling" below - as well as reprints on our site - please do go away and go cut and paste somewhere else.Or else I invite you to critique our lyrics. If you can find a factual error - or at least a provocative other way of looking at an issue - then we will put it up. At least that way, you'll actually have to use your brain in a constructive rather than pointless way. Try it, you'll like it.