Thanks BIIII for the info on the anti-Michael Moore films. I'd be interested in seeing them, sounds like they borrow heavily from Moore's technique (an unintended tip of the cap?). I'd also be interested in the Edge's review of these films, espescially "DC 9/11: Time of Crisis". I hear that piece of fiction is about as believable as the Jessica Lynch story invented by the Pentagon and reported as fact by the evil liberal media. Remember that one? Let's hear the Edge's expert film critique.People like the Edge can't deal with reality when it isn't sanitized for consumtion by "news" organizations like Fox who present the war and it's ugly human toll as if it were a baseball boxscore. Michael Moore shows an alternate point of view and he's branded "David Duke of the Left". The Edge proves once again the Right's view that anyone speaking out against the Administration and its policies is UnPatriotic, UnAmerican and a kook.Oh. And let's not forget the war in Iraq was about Weapons of Mass Destruction.