Now I heard everything! On one hand, you have the Right Wing complaining that the liberals are ushering in a socialist agenda. Now you got the left wing complaining the right wing will "institute the DRAFT, so all young unemployed persons (M & F) will be coerced into military service, (which is a Socialist structure) where all become "govt property", & lose their individual rights."I'm a registered Socialist and I can tell you that what you are describing is a fascist state, not a socialist one. The socialists aren't out to confiscate your property. What's your own personal property is yours to do with what you will. Socialists would like to see an end of private property, which is defined as property that a capitalist owns that can be used to turn a profit from the labor of others.You complain that "illegal aliens" are taking away your job, but the way I see it, they are your fellow workers just as much as any americans are. The real culprits are the capitalist bosses who are looking to satisfy their greed for money and power by employing people for less wages and benefits. If you were really into the union movement, why don't you instead recognize that all working class people worldwide are your fellow workers and insist they get treated the same as you would want your american fellow workers treated. What we need is international solidarity, not protectionism!You say " Once unions are gone, (outlawed by Repubs), the workers will have NO POWER, to barter for benefits & perks."Outlawed? Prior to the Fair Labor Standards Act, unions were in effect outlawed under the Sherman Act. And did that stop them? Did they cry out that they needed government protection against the bosses? No, they realized that no government had authority over their lives and organized as a class. They realized they had nothing to lose and everything to gain by breaking the law and organizing.And it looks as if the AFL policy of "co-operating" with the "bosses" is failing. You want something to blame for a weak union movement, look no further than the AFL and their minions who make sweetheart deals to line their pockets and not yours. Look at the UFCW. One of their Local Presidents makes 500,000 a year and the members make 8.00 dollars an hour. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss! If you want a stronger internation union movement that won't buckle under the demands of the bosses, join the Industrial Workers of the World!