You are delusional...Re: "oh jackprehiustoric migrations don't count"Says who? You, the be all and and all? Please...."the fact is the native americans didn't take this land from anyone else"Again, Says who? Provide your sources. You sure are a sanctimonious little twerp. Typical left winger."and the point, which seems to have eluded you, is that anyone whining about recent migrants needs to remember that they (the whiners) are migrants"Born here numb nuts. Not an illegal immigrant. No wonder you are so confused on this issue. "also such whining observers should get a little more original about their whining and non-response so typical of the extreme right fringe"Earth to franklin: Come on down to a border state and actually talk to the main stream Americans on the street about this issue. You will learn the truth. Something you are obviously unfamiliar with.