Yet another reason to vote for Ralph Nader in November:Senator Kerry's Non-War on TerrorismWritten by Barbara Stock Friday, March 05, 2004 On March 3, 2004, suicide bombers in Iraq walked into crowds of praying fellow Muslims and blew themselves apart killing over one hundred innocent people. The terrorists' goal is to start a war between the Sunni and the Shiite Muslims, destabilize Iraq, and turn the Iraqi people against the United States Their message is very clear. On September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorists hijacked four planes and did something no one else has ever dared to do--they attacked the United States mainland. Three thousand innocent people died. The terrorists' message was very clear. What is John Kerry’s plan to deal with such attacks? His plan is no different now than it was in the 1990’s. Deny that there is any war at all. Liberals believe that such attacks are just an aberration. The attacks are isolated incidents that only happened because of America’s bad behavior in the world. America must apologize to the world and in particular to the terrorists and the countries that support them. We must understand their anger and change our way of life to assure that we no longer anger or offend them. Bill Clinton blamed the attacks on the crusades and America’s imperialistic attitude. A blanket American apology for acts past and present appears to be John Kerry’s liberal platform on his non-war on terror. How can you have a war against terrorists when you believe the only terrorist is the present occupant of the White House? An e-mail sent to Democrats in the Middle East from the Kerry campaign was published word-for-word in the Tehran Times, and Kerry’s plan reportedly brought great joy to the fundamentalist leaders in Iran. There have been denials from the Kerry camp that the e-mail was sent to the hard-line, fundamentalist Iranian paper, but the paper's editors claim that it was sent directly to them from Senator Kerry’s campaign office. They printed it, and the frightening thing is that they didn’t have to change a word for it to serve their purpose. All the terrorists--and the states that support them--have to do is wait and hope that John Kerry wins the American presidential election and their world will stop being rocked. They fear George W. Bush with good reason. They have no reason to fear the spineless John Kerry who plans on worshipping at the altar of the U.N. and world opinion. Kerry will seek U.N. permission to protect our country and her citizens. This little-reported e-mail was perhaps the most apologetic and cowardly words ever written by a man running for the highest office in the free world. The Iranian fundamentalists waved the e-mail in the faces of their people to demonstrate that there is a powerful American that does not support their fight for democracy. In fact, this man, who may be president, will re-open a dialog with the hard-line Mullahs and ''forgive them'' for 25 years of terrorism and attacks against Americans. This message to terrorists from Kerry was front-page news all over the Middle East. It laid out how he would spend his first 100 days in office traveling the world and personally begging forgiveness for the American ''sin'' of defending herself against terrorists who are only reacting to our insufferable behavior. Kerry will plead to the world that Bush over-reacted to the 9/11 attack and as president, he will not inflict retribution on the attackers but open a ''dialog'' with them. He will go before the almighty, corrupt United Nations and be humble and hope that they will accept the United States ''back into the world community.'' Oh how bin Laden must be smiling at this moment. He must be salivating at the very thought of John F. Kerry becoming the next American president. John Kerry is sure that the offer of America’s hand in friendship and a few lawyers will solve the pesky terrorist problem. There is no doubt in my mind that should that come to pass, we as a country will pull back a bloody stump. You don’t have a ''dialog'' with a rabid dog—you shoot it before it bites you. As someone who has past the half-century mark in life, I have seen several American presidents. Never have I ever heard one say he will throw himself on the mercy of the world and ask their forgiveness for being the successful and powerful country that we have become. Never have I heard an American president apologize for defending freedom and the American people. Can you imagine Truman asking for the world to forgive us for damage done during WWII? ''Please forgive that we had to do so much bombing to defeat Hitler and his Nazi war machine and save the world. Neville Chamberlain had the right idea. We should have had a ‘dialog’ with Hitler.'' When Ronald Reagan uttered the words, ''Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!'' liberals had a collective stroke. Reagan was labeled a maniac who would surely start WWIII. A show of strength was boorish and arrogant! We must have a ''dialog'' with the communists. John Kerry has declared the war on terror exaggerated and a legal matter. John Kerry’s cowardly demeanor will endanger American lives and American sovereignty. We will become a paper tiger once again. Being the world’s only superpower is not a popularity contest. Much of Europe will rejoice because we will be as weak as they. The terrorists will celebrate because they know they will win the war by defeating us from within and the world will once again be their killing field without fear of punishment.Complete text of the Kerry e-mail is at: