Yo Kid fuckin' Rock fuckin' rules dude and he's down with the president, so fuck you fuckin' fucks W's gonna fuckin' bitch slap Kerry with some fat cock in November.check this out:http://www.observer.com/pages/world.aspRock for W.Recently Mark McKinnon, the media director for the Bush campaign, in response to the news that Bruce Springsteen and other rock musicians would be touring to raise money for Democrats, told The New York Times that George W. Bush had his own supporters in the entertainment world. Mr. McKinnon cited in particular Lee Ann Womack, Kid Rock and Jessica Simpson.As a service to readers who may not be familiar with Kid Rock, the following are excerpts from his lyrics:from "Classic Rock":Well guess who’s back, with a big fat cockIt’s the kid motherfucker with the classic rockLike wax that booty, yodeleyeho, punkSlappin you hoes with dick when I get drunk.From Alabama to Texarkana Bend over bitch and let me slam her . Playin shows, fuckin hoesGot the dope in my veins and up my nose.from "WCSR":Kid Rock motherfucker yo I ain’t no fagI fuck bitches dry I fuck em on the ragTag their toes—check em off my listHoes get fucked—they don’t get kissed.from "Fuck Off":So blow me bitch I don’t rock for cancerI rock for the cash and the topless dancers . from "Welcome to the Party":’Cause I’m a player that you love to hateGot your girl suckin dick on videotapeI like pussy, suckin on tittiesFucked a lot of different bitches from a bunch of different cities.Kid Rock and I’m the same old foolI’ll tell ya drop your boyfriend then drop outta high schoolI got a whirlpool, don’t even askLickin pussy underwater shootin bubbles up your ass.from "Fuck U Blind":I’ll fuck u blind bitch I’ll fuck u blind bitchI’ll fuck u blind till you just can’t see no moreI’ll fuck u blind bitch I’ll fuck u blind bitchI’ll fuck u blind till you just can’t see no morefrom "Pimp of the Nation"Pimp of the nation, I could be itAs a matter of a fact, I foresee itBut only pimpin hoes with the big tush—While you be left pimpin Barbara Bush.