Shut It Down – New York City 1 September 2004 The nation and entire world will be watching NYC during the Republican National Convention. With that many eyes on us it is imperative New Yorkers send a loud message-- one that strongly challenges the current Administration’s policies and shows the Republican Party that we have had enough. Enough intolerance. Enough failed leadership. Enough false promises. And enough exploitation of our city for political gain. Tom DeLay wants to go to the theaterBroadway Shows --- SHUT IT DOWN ! Lynne Cheney needs a new cocktail dressShopping --- SHUT IT DOWN ! James Inhofe likes four star diningRestaurants --- SHUT IT DOWN ! Marilyn Musgrave enjoys ordering room serviceHotels --- SHUT IT DOWN ! The most significant impact we can have as New Yorkers during the convention is simply not showing up. September 1st is the perfect opportunity for New Yorkers who work in the city's service industries to call in sick. Actors, musicians, waiters and waitresses, retail salespeople, hotel staff --- we know who keeps this city running, at least as far as the visitors are concerned. We have the power to SHUT IT DOWN. But the sacrifice should be shared and we are challenging all New Yorkers who want to send the Republicans a strong message, to SHUT IT DOWN and call in sick to work on September 1st – the day before Bush’s acceptance speech. There should be the maximum number of conventioneers in town, looking to see a show, go to dinner or shop that day. We can make it difficult if we SHUT IT DOWN. Don't Bring Your Hate To Our Doorstep and Expect a Welcome Mat