george bush been a total failure in more ways than one for our country and the people and voting populations are not being served in our best interest when we have oil puppets running the errands for the oil corporations in Washington as bush and cheney are doingand if taking all those 87 billion american dollars to Iraq and spending only a small percentage of those american tax dollars and funneling through federal contracts our tax dollars into the pockets of Texas oil corporations was the intent why are our american soldiers still dying in Iraq?And why is our country still invading and threatening Iraqi holy sites? Do bush and cheney see no end to their bloody thirsty fangs?I am sick and tired as a native Texan of watching the republican party do dishonor to the Vietnam medal holders of this Country who went to the jungles of Vietnam while george bush picked his teeth in a barrack and scratching his ass, while John Kerry lived the horrors Vietnam had to offerand this includes the torture of the vietnamese because it is known to almost all Vietnam soldier sweethearts and wives, that indeed actrocities in Vietnam by american troops was committed and I for a fact heard it from the horse's mouth when my boyfriend who went to Vietnam cried and told me about how many "ears he had cut off and how many fingers he had cut off in Vietnam"So everybody knows that what John Kerry lived and saw in Vietnam was seen by some of our own people and we know this because we cannot deny to ourselves the horror stories we heard from our loved ones coming back on leave from VietnamIt was a slaughter and the simple act of being thrown in the slaughter jungles of Vietnam was enough to give all those soldiers who fought for their lives while george bush picked his nose in some pilot barrack learning to fly, after Vietnam was overHOW CONVENIENT BUSH FOR YOU TO AVOID THE BLOODBATHS IN VIETNAM AND NOW TRY TO PREACH TO THE COUNTRY AND TO THOSE WHO WALKED IN THE JUNGLES OF VIETNAM LIKE JOHN KERRY DIDgeorge bush is a disgrace to the country and has caused more damage with his lack of sympathy for the State of New York when he could have warned about 9-11 on August 6, 2001 through a presidential memorandum pointing out specifically!THAT OSAMA BIN LADEN A BUSH BUSINESS PARTNER, WAS THREATENING TO USE "AIRCRAFT" AND "HIJACKINGS" TO COMMIT HIS CRIME AGAINST THE UNITED STATESoh but bush didnt think the warning was "specific enough"george bush is the biggest terrorist and he must not be allowed to rape our country another four years and this we will not allowENOUGH MR. BUSH OF TRYING TO DISTRACT THE COUNTRY FROM THE REAL PIT OF HELL BUSH HAS PUT US IN BY ATTACKING THE HONOR OF VETERANSAND HOW ABOUT TALKING ABOUT THE BODY BAGS BUSH HAS SENT BACK FROM IRAQ WHEN HE DID NOT SET ONE FOOT IN VIETNAM?hey bush, you want to assault the integrity of the federal military service? WELL IN WHAT WAR DID APPOINTED WIMPS FIGHT? AND WHAT EXPERIENCE DID THIS REPUBLICAN BASTARD HAVE TO SPILL SO MUCH AMERICAN BLOOD?HEY BUSH IT AINT YOUR BLOOD SO IT WAS EASY TO USE THE TROOPS WASN'T IT? AND IT WASN'T RUMSFELD'S KIDS EITHER NOR CANDOLEEZA'S? SO IT WAS EASY TO SPILL THE AMERICAN TROOP BLOOD WASN'T IT BUSH? BUT WAS ALL THIS BLOODSHED WORTH IT AFTER DESTROYING IRAQ IN ORDER TO HAVE A REASON TO RECONSTRUCT IRAQ WITH AMERICAN CORPORATIONS WHO WOULD BLEED THE BUCKS SENT TO IRAQ?hey bush, why dont we talk about what a thief you have been in this nation instead insulting the integrity of the honor of the Veterans of Vietnam who made it to tell us the truth of the slaughter jungles Vietnam became because it is true ears and fingers were cut in Vietnam and it is truth that we even tried to hide our sins of slavery so how about more respect for the veterans mr. bush? and how about telling us about your business ties with the Osama bin Laden family and how under the bush/cheney administration, Osama bin laden family members were allowed to leave the U.S.?SEE AMERICA, IT HAS BEEN A CONSTANT HABIT OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY DISTRACTING OUR COUNTRY WITH ASSAULT ON MEDAL HOLDERS OF THE VIETNAM WAR WHILE IN THE MEANTIME, IN what war did bush serve? in the bloodiest body count in America in Iraq?It is easy for a democratic government to be overtaken by dangerous political parties and this time the republican party will no longer be allowed to continue to rape America, did you get that bush? that not everybody fell for your bloody lies and we will remove corporate repubican s from office for being the crooks that they areIN WHAT WAR DID THE WIMP BUSH SERVE AND IN WHAT WAR JUNGLE DID BUSH SET FOOT ON WHEN HE WAS HIDING SUCKING ONE FINGER AND SCRATCHING HIS SORRY ASS WITH THE OTHER?