Number of positions taken on Iraq: 12, so far. Number of sides taken on all other issues: both.Number of Botox treatments since he began his run for Commander-in-Chief: 10.Number of millionaire women married: 2.Percentage of 1993 income spent on Serrota bicycle: 6.60%.Percentage of 1993 income in charitable contributions (between wives): 00.13% (not a typo; $175/130,345; Thanks Yale and Boston College!).Current wife's net worth; estimate in billions: $1 to $3.8. Percentage of Swift boat commanders from Coastal Division, USN, who consider him unfit to serve as Commander-in-Chief: 87%Number of hours after Prime Minister of Iraq addressed joint session that Senator Kerry waited before he launched his attack, apx: 3.Number of multi-million dollar homes in which he claims a maritial interest: 5.Estimated value of same, in millions: 29.4.Cost of Gulfstream V jet owned by wife, in millions: 35. Increase in federal spending resulting from his campaign promises, in trillions: 1.9.Number of apologies issued for calling American soldiers and sailors war criminals: Zero.