WOW! Some revisionist history there, oh Multicultural Narcissist.some quick points: people that were "disappeared" by Pinochet and his henchmen number more than 1,000. The Chilean Government's Truth and Reconciliation Commisiion, even the Chilean Military acknowledges this. And thus, these are current crimes as since people don't really "disappear," they are kidnappings that are still also want to tutor us on who the victims were: why don't you tell us about Charles Hormann and his buddy Frank? Tell us what happened to Rodrigo Rojas and Carmen Quintana. Tell us who was General Carlos Pratts. Oh, and who was Ronnie Moffitt and what happened in Washington, DC in September 1976.You say that people in large numbers were imploring the military to intervene. Tell us, then, about the elections the summer of 1973. Tell us what General Pratts thought about that. Tell us what the Hinchey report is and what it reported.You also compare him to Castro. Yet how many people has Mr. Catro "disappeared"? How many times has Castro said, like Pinochet, that human rights violations were committed by his underlings and that he didn't know? Actually, how many times has Pinochet changed his mind about what actually went on?Groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch equally condemn the violations committed in Cuba as those in Chile.Another little pointer for you -- why don't you find out who Admiral Merino was and what his role was the night of the plebiscite -- come back and enlighten us please.Oh, and while you're at it, come back and tell us what General Leigh had to say about Pinochet. Or his niece and former Minister of Justice, Monica Madariaga.And what was the little bit about secret bank accounts at Riggs Bank...--Now, you also say it is English-speaking peoples that lead the way... WOW, what a jump, no? Is that what the CIA is doing with "ghost prisoners," leading the way on human rights? Or how about them good ole boys at Abu Ghraib, was that another example of good ole USA leading thew way on human rights? Or how about the current nominee to head the Justice Department, was he leading the way when he disparaged the Geneva Conventions?Was the CIA leading the way in human rights in Iran 1954, Guatemala 1954? or when they instigated the coup in Chile in 1973 ending more than one hundred years of democratic rule and leading to more than 4,000 killings, tens of thousands of torture victims? Was the CIA's Operation Phoenix in Vietnam another example of leading the way? Or the massacre at Mi Lai?No, my friend, you are not leading the way on anything, not in case, more than others. The point is we all - you included - have to work together.Castro can't lecture the USA on human rights but neither the other way around.And yes, Pinochet has to stand trial and assume responsibility for what he did. He is not above the law. If he is innocent, he will go free. If not, to jail he goes.