Radical Leftwing HATE will again reach a fever pitch as the Bush inaugural approaches.Rebels without brains on the wrong side of history. Busloads of sick, twisted, graying, and balding Communists, Anarchists, Feminist crackpots, Clintonoids, sexual perverts, Deaniacs, and mentally-deficient Kerry buttlickers will converge on the nation's capital city to attempt to wreak havoc by whatever means. This may well be the last great hurrah for the Radic-Lib Hippie generation. Many of them, arguably the best of them, are long lost to drugs, and the survivors are aging quickly, with large, spreading bald patches gleaming over their graying ponytails and sagging faces and bodies ravaged by decades of hard living. They really NEED those grannyglasses now, and many of them, if not most of them, are popping preskrip drugs from WAL MART in lieu of the street Acid, hashish, and Acapulco Gold of happier times. They're really a sad, angry lot, all things considered. Their 40-year old movement is an utter failure, and Communism, its guiding principle, is dying quickly all over the world. Che and the other young lions of Communism are long dust, and Communism's remaining champions are aging system politicians like Hillary Clinton and Pete Stark and one or two decrepit old killers with the blood of decades of murder on their hands, like Fidel Castro.