Thanks, Senor Wilson, for your thoughts. I too am interested in what might come in response to your question:is there anything about our country's government you wish to change, or is it quite perfect as is? a quick response to the person who asked if i could be called "Frustrated Lefty" i say, yes, that is fine. I don't think i'd be in BLOWBACK if i weren't frustrated. But you might be surprised to know that i was frustrated with the Clinton Administration as well.Funny comment of yours that the "left" had a free ride during the 80's. My recollection is that the 80s and early 90's were the Reagan/Bush years. Also, most of the 70s were the Nixon/Ford years. So i'm not sure what free ride you mean.And while Clinton was certainly not a right-wing nut job, he did champion free trade agreements and the dismantling of welfare, not to mention Plan Colombia.Back to Senor Wilson, I agree. Not sure how this forum could be useful. The original idea was that we would provide a way for people to exchange ideas, provide insights, but instead, what we often find is a barrage of attacks. We are toying with the idea of having the discussion moderated, that is, we would filter what gets in, in order to keep the discussion flowing and to keep the name calling (yes, i'm guilty too) to a minimum.Any thoughts you might have on what would be a useful forum are welcome. (For those who will respond, that the most useful thing we can do is go away, i suggest that there may be other places where they may go spend their time, say like Iraq, since they're so supportive of the war and continuing carnage there.)