Black Lungs sound pretty good! I'll get in touch soon. I work overnights, so I'm usually out around 9-ish, but I'll try to work things out.Franklin, there's a British punk rock band from the early eighties (part of the Crass collective, I think) called Riot/Clone that has a song that is very similar to "Consumer Society". Almost exact. Maybe Jerry Seary was subconsciously playing this when he introduced what would become "Consumer Society" ?A version of the song "Neu-vestation" is on a new compilation from Overground Records ( called "Anti-War: Anarcho-Punk Comp 1" which, of course, I highly recommend. That and the second comp "Anti-State".I just thought it was interesting that the Riot/Clone song was similar to ours /Blowback's with just a slight change in the middle.