Re:“And given the poor coordination and lack of preparedness here, can you imagine Iraq?Not to mention how stupid for 2/3 of the Louisiana National Guard still being in Iraq. yet another reason why the war in iraq is so incredibly stupid - what a waste of lives and resources! of course, the private contractors are making a killing...”The FEDs have a lot of answering to do. However, FEMA is not a first response agency, the local and state governments are.Get your facts straight, Franklin. 70% of the LA Guard is STATESIDE, not deployed in Iraq.Would the additional 30% have made all the difference if the failures started BEFORE the event occurred? WOW! Imagine if the Mayor and the Governor had followed their own evacuation procedures found here: New Orleans emergency management plan imagine if the NOPD did their jobs the way the NYPD did on 9/11. (Video of looting cops): sucks, Franklin. Look what it did to personal responsibility in New Orleans.