Thanks "Drowned school buses" even though we disagree. I appreciate the fact that you posted your thoughts instead of cutting and pasting those of others. Also, thanks for the web links. We'll definitely have to sort through all the "facts" out there.I agree that blame shouldn't be solely placed on the Administration - but that does not mean that they had nothing to do with anything and have nothing to answer for. There is a role for FEMA. Also, how can one justify the fact that aid from foreign governments has still not been cleared in?Again, for people participating in these diatribes - if you want to refer to an article, please post the link, do not cut and paste. And submit your own thoughts.So "socialism sucks"? if anything, the disaster has shown that capitalism is no better.more important, let's leave all of these terms behind and find ways to engage in a dialogue where we can achieve consensus on how to best organize society or live together. because we do.