tsk tskin the face of overwhelming evidence of the complete and total ineptitude of their administration's program, not to mention their chief executive, supporters of the current ongoing bankrupt lunacy revert to shrill name-calling.The fact is that the CLinton administration, with their own policy failings, did not, i repeat, did not invade Iraq - Bush did. And things are not going well there,or are you all saying that everything is hunky dory. Almost 2000 US soldier deaths, tens of thousands of Iraquis, the shrill despairing call is "all is well; we're making gains; love it or leave it, bla bla bla, tired bla"Nothing learned from Vietnam; nothing learned from Gulf I.Yes, keep name calling, call me Franklin Al-Stein if you wish. But face the facts, buddies. You have overseen the destruction of your own country at your own hands, with the destruction of financial security, the destruction of your own once-amazing infrastructure, the destruction of any semblance of civlized discourse, the destruction of your own moral values and the destruction of your own democracy. That's why your call for pride is so shrill and so empty and so sickening. Wake up please. Smell the bodies rotting. Smell the despair of the failed response in the southern coasts. Smell the beads of sweat on all SUV owners as gas prices prepare to jump yet again. Smell your rotting roses.