That's a funny name, POTUS!Yes, fortunately it would take a constitutional convention to have your darling re-selected.But don't you agree, given the Democrats own track record of election-tampering, that a more transparent and accountable (i.e. paper trails) electoral process is urgent? Sure, right now the gop benefitted from electoral manipulation (few machines in heavily Democrat areas, plenty in GOP supporting areas) but wouldn't you feel otherwise if you were on the receiving end?It reminds me of all the GOP lamenting over out-of-control prosecutors - certainly wasn't the lament throughout all of the legal boondoggles during the Clinton years - or the traitor-branding of war critics totally absent during the Kosovo war.Don't we all have shared principles? Yes, different views on many things, but some shared principles?Do we believe in the rule of law? Do we believe in fair and transparent elections? Can we all agree the district gerrymandering blows? Do we believe that war should always be the last resort and never based on manipulated intelligence? I think we could reach a lot of agreement- and we must find common ground.