hey, we should get you discs so that you can put them up for consignment... lemme know if you're interestedi think Bob is in Florida still - Napleswow - what a bombshell - Bush personally ordered domestic surveillance: can you imagine Tom DeLay or Newt Gingrich HOWLING if Clinton would have even mentioned the possibility of doing this? Or how they would have been HOWLING if a columnist would have revelealed, as columnist Bob Novak did this week, that Clinton knew the identity of a White House leaker who outed a covert operative? Or how much HOWLING there would still be if Clinton would have said, as Bush recently did, that he took us to war in Kosovo based on faulty intelligence?Instead we got a mountain of sanctimonious dribble because of clearly PERSONAL matters. I personally think what Clinton did with Lewinsky was wrong - HOWEVER, that is NOT my personal business - my personal business is my personal business, full stop.